Utility Patent Theft – Remove Infringing Listings

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The Solution

Unleashing the magic of crystal clear ice right from your freezer, True Cubes became an instant sensation in the mixology and drinks enthusiasts’ world, earning itself the prestigious accolade of ‘The Best Clear Ice Mold’ by America’s Test Kitchen. No sooner had it debuted, this revolutionary product shot to the top of Amazon’s search, with sales skyrocketing, making it an irresistible attraction for every cocktail enthusiast.

The Problem

But then the trouble began. Copycats saw an opportunity in True Cubes’ glory, reproducing imitations of a masterpiece with reckless disregard for intellectual property rights. The such brazen disregard for creativity propelled True Cubes into action, vowing to protect and propel the brand’s true potential in the marketplace.

But, this wasn’t just a fight against trademark pirates; it was an uphill battle against an ill-prepared system. Despite securing patents, registering trademarks and copyrights, and diligently setting up Amazon’s Brand Registry, True Cubes hit an enforcement wall repeatedly. The task at hand was simple yet daunting: eliminate the violators infringing upon the utility patent.

Enter AMZ Watchdog – a dedicated team with the finesse to navigate complex rules and a dizzying submission process. As True Cubes was focused on growing its sales, AMZ Watchdog took on the mantle of a vigilant protector, streamlining the patent protection process, maintaining a hawk-eyed vigil over each step, and ensuring seamless communication between Amazon and the offending sellers.

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The Solution

From the very first engagement, AMZ Watchdog made strides in cleaning up the marketplace. Within a mere 25 days, they successfully purged all illicit listings. Demonstrating our commitment to fair play and goodwill, True Cubes reached a consensus with the infringing sellers to allow them to sell off their remaining inventory. After this grace period, the Watchdog Team ensured the listings were permanently removed, ensuring True Cubes’ rightful place in the market.

“Working with Chris and the team at AMZWatchDog is the white glove service we were looking for. From engagement, Chris communicated how the process works, provided an accurate timeline, and delivered on every promise. The onboarding process was done in minutes, and AMZWatchDog jumped into action. If you consider your IP an asset worth protecting, look no further than Chris and his team at AMZWatchDog!”

Brent Anderson

Associate Director Brand Management

Ambr Group

**True Cubes was acquired by Suma Brands, now Ambr Group, soon after launch. From their website: Suma was founded on the belief that the next generation of household brands will rise out of the Amazon marketplace like our namesake the Sumauma tree rises out of the Amazon rainforest. We find, acquire, and help those brands realize their potential — in the Amazon “jungle” and beyond. www.sumabrands.com

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