AMZ Watchdog Case Studies

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Brand Protection

At AMZ Watchdog, we are dedicated to helping businesses reclaim their brands and control. Our premier brand protection agency ensures permanent solutions for fighting unauthorized sellers who violate minimum ad pricing (MAP), steal the “buy box” or harm your reputation with counterfeits, and infringe on utility and design patents.
With our turn-key approach ensuring results in just 30 days or less, depending on leakage severity, you can be sure that 95%+ of infringing listings are removed permanently – guaranteed. Once again control over MAP pricing, brand integrity, and your intellectual property to put profit back in your pocket where it belongs! Whether selling through Amazon now or not, protect what’s yours today with all the power of AMZ Watchdog by your side!


Whitmor Reviving Intellectual Property Rights: Whitmor's Strategic Turnaround with AMZ Watchdog 28 Infringing Sellers, Over $100K Per Month In Lost Revenue The Solution Since its establishment in 1946, Whitmor has

May 25, 2023

True Cubes

True Cubes Utility Patent Theft - Remove Infringing Listings The Solution Unleashing the magic of crystal clear ice right from your freezer, True Cubes became an instant sensation in the

May 24, 2023

Emily C Necklaces

Emily C started out only as a direct-to-consumer website. After seeing such a positive response from customers, Emily joined Amazon.

October 22, 2022

Speed Out

Speed Out has significant revenues in big box retailers and also on
Amazon. They were generating significant revenue monthly, but they
were quickly losing market share and were missing out on $25k+ in
revenue on Amazon. Big Box sales slowed as well due to price pressure
from counterfeiters online.

March 14, 2022


DomeDock has been dealing with patent-infringers since the inception of their brand. They had been getting squeezed out of the market by cheap knockoffs.

February 22, 2022

Vacu Vin

Vacu Vin was generating significant revenue monthly, but they were quickly losing market share and were missing out on $100K+ in revenue due to low-priced infringers selling replica products.

March 14, 2018

Spicy Shelf Deluxe

The listing was selling over 5,000 units per month ($140K per month), but the client only saw 50 sales per month ($1,400 per month), due to over 100 fraudulent/knockoff products on their listing.

November 14, 2017