We Are AMZ Watchdog
Our Senior Management team consists of 8-figure Amazon sellers with a combined experience in e-commerce of nearly three decades. We are obsessed with all things e-commerce. Not only that, but we ‘get it’. We have built products and brands from the ground up. We have scaled, sold, and still run a portfolio of private-label brands so we understand the challenges faced when people try to navigate the treacherous waters of online sales. From hijackers, copycats, patent infringers, and IP theft, the risks and challenges are many.
Work with a team that will pick up the phone when you call. Work with people that are actively selling online and have been for years. AMZ Watchdog doesn’t simply talk a good game. We walk the walk, we guarantee our results, and in our own businesses, we deal every day with the very issues that we solve for our clients. Our techniques are cutting-edge because they have to be. Reach out today – we can help.

Brands we work with

Our team has the experience, technology, and vision to help scale brands and take them to the next level.

Meet The Experts!

AMZ Watchdog is a dedicated team of 8-figure Amazon experts and industry veterans. We turn ordinary products into extraordinary success stories, launching them onto the shelves at major retailers like Walmart, Lowes, Bed Bath & Beyond, and more! Our boutique approach to brand protection and brand building delivers individualized attention with maximum impact – unleash and protect the full potential of your products today!